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Presented By: Amen Ness, M.D.
January 2012

This webinar focuses on the interpretation of interesting fetal tracings with Dr. Amen Ness, Perinatologist and Clinical Assistant Professor at Stanford Hospital Medical Center and Perinatal Diagnostic Center, Salinas. Focused on pathophysiology of the maternal/fetal circulation, this webinar takes the learner through various clinical scenarios to correlate fetal heart rate changes to the oxygen status of the fetus. A methodological approach is introduced to stimulate critical thinking with the goal of improving clinical outcomes in this obstetrical setting.


  • Provide brief review of pathophysiology and the interplay between maternal and fetal circulation to include metabolic acidemia
  • Introduce easy strategies to comply with NICHD nomenclature and categorization of fetal heart rate patterns
  • Reinforce NICHD nomenclature in our daily documentation and communication practices


Your entire healthcare team will benefit from this session so please be sure to tune in.


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