Incivility & Intimidation: Still A Safety Threat

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Presented By: Larry Veltman, M.D.
November 2012

Uncivil and intimidating professional behaviors continue to be an issue for many perinatal units. These behaviors represent a true safety threat for perinatal patients. Join us with speaker Dr. Larry Veltman to examine this threat to perinatal patient safety and address its elimination. After reviewing the spectrum and the origins of these behaviors, the effects on patient safety and the people in the organization are also discussed in detail, along with a seven step approach to eliminating the behaviors from the organization.


  • Learn how to recognize the components and spectrum of disruptive physician behavior as it applies to perinatal care
  • Understand how disruptive behavior can affect the organization and increase the risk for errors in the management of obstetrical patients
  • Learn how the organization in conjunction with the medical staff leadership can eliminate the behaviors from the organization


Your entire healthcare team will benefit from this session so please be sure to tune in.


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