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Presented By: Nicolas Hall, RN, BSN, CFRN, CEN, EMT, Solheim Enterprises July 2014
July 2014

This six month series taught by Nicolas Hall, RN, BSN, CFRN, CEN, EMT of Solheim Enterprises will equip emergency and critical care nurses for those occasions when time is of the essence and a critical care transport team is unavailable for patient transfer to a higher level of care. Whether you are looking to study for the Certified Transport Nurse examination or want to enrich your knowledge and competency for accompanying a critical patient during transfer- you will benefit from participation in this series.

This educational offering included information on:

  • Scope of practice outside of the hospital setting
  • Consent, Negligence and Abandonment
  • Liability issues related to transport
  • Transfer of Care


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Your entire healthcare team will benefit from this session so please be sure to tune in.


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