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Presented By: Jeff Solheim, MSN, RN-BC CEN, CFRN, FAEN, Solheim Enterprises December 2015
December 2015

Although environmental and toxicological emergencies comprises only 10% of the total questions on the CEN exam, this clinical area is one that many emergency nurses have the least familiarity with. Because poison control is readily available in the clinical arena, emergency nurses often rely on them for knowledge on toxicological emergencies. Many nurses may go through their entire career without caring for the many environmental emergencies that are possible; such as radiation burns or marine animal stings. This session focuses on the assessment, planning and evaluation of care for environmental and toxicological emergencies.


  • List symptoms associated with five different toxidromes
  • Match antidotes to the substance they are used to treat
  • Calculate the amount of fluid recommended for patients who experience thermal burns


Your entire healthcare team will benefit from this session so please be sure to tune in.


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