The Value of Community: IHI Teams Share Their Experience

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Presented By: Sue Gullo, RN, BSN, MS
September 2012

The Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s perinatal community has led the way in developing key metrics and safety strategies designed to improve the quality of care we provide to mothers and babies. Bundling care processes is one key component adopted and utilized in the community setting; profound results have emerged from this project work. Sue Gullo, RN, BSN, MS and Director of IHI provides an overview of the project work and shares various evidence-based strategies which build an infrastructure of safety and result in a high-performing unit. BETA sponsored IHI teams share their journey offering tips and tools. A Call for Participation for BETA co-sponsored team involvement closes the session.


  • Review the scientific evidence regarding iatrogenic prematurity and its impact
  • Define reliability and reliable processes of care
  • Learn methods to improve quality and reduce risk by bundling clinical strategies
  • Share practical tools from the Institute for Healthcare Improvement Perinatal Community teams learning from the Director of IHI who has led teams to achieve improved performance
  • Discuss what you can do tomorrow, next week and next month to reduce variability in care processes


Your entire healthcare team will benefit from this session so please be sure to tune in.


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