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What an amazing accomplishment!

GNOSIS™, Relias' web-based education for clinicians, is designed around practical content authored by experts from across the nation. This tool serves as the foundation of BETA Healthcare Group’s (BETA) Quest for Zero preventable injuries in the ED and is the next generation of learning. BETA provides free access to this valuable platform and extends this opportunity to clinicians practicing in our fully insured member hospitals and healthcare facilities. The Personal Proficiency Module (PPM) sets the stage for ongoing learning while the personalized learning path enables the time-constrained clinician to complete content that is specific to their individual needs. The PPM and the learning path red zones serve as the requirement to meet BETA’s Quest for Zero Tier 1 requirement in the Emergency Department. Learn more about the Quest for Zero: Excellence in ED program by downloading the ED Guideline and then submit your Opt In to get started.

Momentum continues to grow in BETA’s Quest for Zero: Excellence in ED. Thirty-one hospitals met Tier 1 requirements while six implemented additional Tier 2 risk reduction strategies. Over 1,700 participants dedicated more than 7,500 hours to patient safety education. We are pleased to announce our new approach to grow in areas of knowledge and judgment entitled GNOSIS. See the list of 2018 winners

Engaging in GNOSIS™: Quest for Zero: Excellence in ED

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