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Presented By: Mary Brucker, CNM, Ph.D, FACNM
December 2012

A perinatal infection is an infection caused by bacteria, viruses or, in rare cases, parasites transmitted directly from the mother to an embryo, fetus or baby during pregnancy or childbirth. Though some infections may be present in the prenatal phase of care, it is not uncommon for infectious organisms to be transmitted in the acute phase of care via the transplacental, transcervical or vaginal route. Mary Brucker, CNM, Ph.D, FACNM, a Professor at Baylor University School of Nursing discusses the clinical symptomatology, management and treatment options for Group Beta Strep, Methacillin Resistant Staph Aureus, Varicella and Listeriosis.


  • Describe the clinical symptomatology for GBS, MRSA, Varicella, Listeriosis and other infections during pregnancy
  • Discuss incidences of above conditions
  • Describe usual diagnostics and treatments, including use of prophylactic agents and antiinfectives


Your entire healthcare team will benefit from this session so please be sure to tune in.


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