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The birth of a child is an emotional and momentous event. It also can be a time fraught with anxiety and difficult decisions. The responsibility of guiding parents safely through the process is tremendous. Obstetricians, family practitioners, nurse midwives, residents, nurses and (of course) parents—it takes a team to bring a new life into the world. Coordinating communications. Ensuring complex medical issues are understood and addressed. Responding rapidly to a possible crisis. It’s all a part of your world, the OB world.

Finding ways to navigate the terrain with the goal of improving care and safety is BETA’s goal. That’s why we created BETA*rm OB—a suite of services designed to help your team mitigate and manage OB risks with increased efficiency and effectiveness.

Explore BETA*rm OB and how we can support your obstetrics team and ensure you deliver more of what matters: healthy, happy babies. BETA*rm initiatives are available as a complementary benefit to all members.


We’ve structured our Quest for Zero obstetrical safety program to offer a two tiered approach focused on risk reduction.


For questions about OB patient safety or information about our Quest for Zero: Excellence in OB patient safety opportunities, please contact Narcisa Palma, Manager, Risk Management and Perinatal Safety at, or call (818) 242-0123.

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