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Executive Committee

Donna Hefner, Chair, BETA Council
Scott Chapple, Vice Chair, BETA Council
Dave Morony, Secretary, BETA Council
Michael J. Wallace, Treasurer-Auditor, BETA Council
Charlie Harrison, Chair, Underwriting Committee

Claims Committee
Vacant (Chair)
Donna Hefner
Pete Delgado
Kevin Woodward

Underwriting Committee
Charlie Harrison (Chair)
Pete Delgado

BETA Council Liaison

Finance Committee
Mike Wallace (Chair)
Larry Lewis
Dave Morony

Risk Management Committee
Donna Hefner (Chair)
Scott Chapple
Larry Lewis
Charlie Harrison
Kevin Woodward

Governance Committee
Pete Delgado (Chair)
Donna Hefner
Dave Morony
Mike Wallace

Committees of the BETA Council as of May 7, 2021
The BETA Council Chair is an ex-officio member of all Committees.

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