In the emergency department, skill, speed and human complexity combine to create an atmosphere like no other in healthcare. It is an environment where tasks, team and organization need to work together in harmony.

Given this dynamic, it is no surprise that the emergency department is one of the most crucial areas for improving patient safety and reducing professional liability. Finding effective solutions for improving care and safety is BETA Healthcare Group’s primary goal.

BETA*rm ED is a suite of services designed to help your emergency department team mitigate and manage risk more efficiently and effectively. The program’s offerings include online education, help with developing frontline staff, webinars presented by recognized leaders in the field, and in-depth risk assessments—all to empower leaders to make positive changes in risk management processes. Explore BETA*rm ED on the following pages and discover how we can support your ED team and help ensure that you deliver more of what matters: safe and efficient response to patient needs.

All BETA*rm programs are complimentary for BETA members and insureds, and all participants can earn CME/CEs on completion. Moreover, participation could help lower your overall professional liability premiums.


Quest for Zero: ED is a patient safety initiative available to our member hospital and medical groups that targets common areas of professional liability.


Follow the links below to view the ED resources BETA*rm provides our members and insureds. As you’ll see, there is a wealth of information ready for you and your team to apply to your practice to lower your risk and improve patient care.


For questions about ED patient safety or information about our Quest for Zero: Excellence in ED patient safety opportunities, please contact Al Duke, Manager, Risk Management and Patient Safety at, or call (818) 549-9479.

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