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BETA Healthcare Group (BETA) puts a high priority on helping your emergency medicine department improve reliability and reduce risk exposure. Quest for Zero: ED is a patient safety initiative available to our member hospital and medical groups that targets common areas of professional liability.

Quest for Zero: ED is a two-tier program. Tier 1 focuses on education, providing individual participants with insight into their personal knowledge and judgment in a high-risk disease category seen in the emergency department. Tier 2 offers a menu of options to help set priorities based on risk-related trends specific to your organization or medical group. The program also includes other process improvement and risk reduction strategies worth exploring.

Quest for Zero: ED offers premium renewal credit once all elements are completed and validated. All ED physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and nurses covered by BETA Risk Management Authority or Health Provider Insurance Reciprocal, RRG must complete the required Tier 1 online education 60 days in advance of policy renewal. Once all required elements of Tier 1 are completed, organizations are eligible to receive additional credit for successful completion of requirements for the selected options of Tier 2. Depending on your level of participation, your organization or medical group may be eligible to receive up to 6 percent credit against your ED premium at policy renewal.


BETA Healthcare Group (BETA) members must “opt in” to the Quest for Zero initiative each year.* BETA team members will partner with your facility and provide valuable guidance and mentoring to help you achieve success.

Download the Opt-In and Guideline and Validation Tool Documents


Email Al Duke, Manager, Risk Management and Patient Safety at or call (818) 549-9479 for guidance or more information regarding the Quest for Zero.

* Members must notify BETA each year to opt in to Quest for Zero: ED. Program completion must be validated 60 days in advance of policy renewal to qualify for the annual renewal credit.

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