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The BETA Council, which is the governing board of BETARMA, has 15 authorized positions, with 11 positions currently filled by nine hospital executives, one hospital directors and BETARMA’s CEO, who serves in a non-voting capacity.

BETA Council

Donna Hefner, President and CEO
Sierra View Local Health Care District
BETA Council Chair

Scott Chapple, COO
Oroville Hospital
Vice Chair

Corey Grove, CEO
BETA Healthcare Group

Pete Delgado, President and CEO
Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System

Dr. Gary Gray, CEO
Natividad Medical Center

Charlie Harrison, CEO
Mountains Community Hospital

Larry Lewis, CEO
Pioneers Memorial Hospital

Dave Morony, CFO
Casa Colina Hospital and Centers for Healthcare

Mike Moye, General Counsel
Alameda Health System

Michael J. Wallace, Director
Washington Hospital Healthcare System

Kevin Woodward, VP and CFO
Enloe Medical Center

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