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BETA Healthcare Group (BETA) is dedicated to minimizing injuries, controlling costs, and protecting our workforce who practice within the healthcare environment. Metrics help organizations understand where risks reside, set organization priorities to address trends, and take corrective action to mitigate risk.

Some BETA members have received a periodic Excel-based Dashboard Distribution to assist with this process. Members had the opportunity to analyze injury trends and work with BETA employee safety professionals to develop corrective and protective action plans to reduce injuries and drive down costs to their organizations. However, The Excel Dashboard is sunsetting on 05/31/2023.

New Dashboard

Your Excel Dashboard is replaced with a new interactive electronic dashboard.  BETA also has an online portal for members to report workers’ compensation claims. Data from the BETA website Member Area claims intake feeds into an interactive electronic dashboard viewable to participating Members. Members will be able to see historical claims data trends in both table and graphic format as well as the status of key performance measurements.

Identifying Injury Factors and Trends

From this electronic dashboard, organizations are able to identify where injuries are most frequent, what occupations experience the most injuries, and how employees are injured, including the contributing factors to those injuries. BETA Employee Safety professionals are also available to assist with data interpretation and in the development of corrective and protective action plans.

Program Participation

To participate in this Workers’ Compensation and Employee Safety Dashboard program, Members need to:

  1. Complete and return the signed Opt-In Form
  2. Participate in Member Area access training provided by BETA Business Intelligence staff
  3. Work directly with BETA’s Employee Safety Director/Manager to map historical claims to BETA claims taxonomy
  4. Participate in monthly meetings in collaboration with your BETA Employee Safety representative.
  5. Include a minimum of three years and no more than five years of historical claims data (to achieve adequate data points for claim trending and the mapping effort).


If you have additional questions about portal access via the BETA website, historical claims scrub or the BETA Workers’ Compensation and Employee Safety dashboard, please do not hesitate to reach out to your Employee Safety Director/Manager at BETA Healthcare Group or send a message to Our staff will assist you in identifying areas of need and help you to select a plan forward.