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What to Do

In the event of a formal claim or precautionary incident, you and your facility need to be protected. Please take the following steps whenever you become aware of a claim or incident that may lead to a claim.

  • Advise the employees...

    Advise the employees and/or medical staff involved in the care and treatment of the patient (including any staff who inspected a site where a patient or visitor allegedly fell) not to discuss the incident with anyone other than a representative of our office.

  • Instruct employees...

    Instruct employees to notify you immediately if they are approached by anyone requesting information about the incident.

  • Take steps...

    Take steps to secure the medical records and/or any diagnostic films and equipment involved in the incident as any modifications to or loss of these items could adversely affect future defense efforts.

  • Designate one employee...

    Designate one employee to interact with the patient (or the patient’s family if the patient is unable to act on his or her own behalf) and ensure that this representative does not make promises or statements that could adversely affect the facility’s or provider’s future defense.

  • Contact...

    Contact our office before responding to any oral or written inquiries or legal documents that you receive.

  • Keep all correspondence...

    Keep all correspondence from our office in a confidential legal file—separate from patient medical records—taking steps to ensure that the file is never released to anyone without the express permission of our office or defense attorneys.

Reporting Auto Claims

BETA Risk Management Authority Members

Begin by completing the Automobile Loss Notice form, providing as much information as possible. Once completed, click on the “Submit” button and the form will be electronically submitted to BETA. You will then have the option to print the completed Automobile Loss Notice for your records.

This form is password protected, and you must have a Member Area account to access it. If you do not have an account but need to submit the form please send an email to to request an account.


You may leave a message on BETA’s Auto Hotline (800) 838-4111 ext. 300, providing contact information and details about your claim. We will contact you after we verify the loss information.

Reporting Information

  • Name, age, gender and insurance status of the patient
  • Billing status for the admission or outpatient visit in question
  • Dates of treatment (including the date of the incident in question)
  • Employees involved in treating the patient or in witnessing the alleged incident
  • Physicians involved in treating the patient and their medical specialties
  • General description of the events and any interactions that occurred between the member and the patient’s family prior to calling us
  • Current condition of the patient (if known)
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