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Reimbursement of Travel Expenses

The following travel expense reimbursement policy applies to the BETA Council members, consultants and guests, where BETA Risk Management Authority (BETARMA) has agreed to pay all or a portion of such expenses:

 Travel Expenses

BETARMA will reimburse attendees for airline coach fare to a suitable airport near the meeting site. Appropriate car rental or taxi fare to and from the airport will also be reimbursed. Attendees who drive, rather than fly, shall be reimbursed at the maximum rate established by the IRS. Any exceptions must be approved by the Chief Executive Officer in advance. If the attendee is arriving from a point other than his usual residence, travel costs to the meeting site should be prorated.


 Other Out-of-Pocket Expenses

Reasonable expenses for gratuities, valet, telephone, mileage costs, parking, and tolls will be reimbursed for meeting attendees.


  Supplies and Materials

Any handout materials should be copied before arrival at the meeting site to avoid copying by the hotel, which is typically much more expensive. Such materials may be mailed to the Executive Assistant for copying. (The Chair or Committee Chair should be informed of the handout, and if possible, provided with a copy in advance.)

Sleeping Accommodations

BETARMA will provide sleeping accommodations for meeting attendees at a specific hotel at the meeting site for the specified number of nights indicated in the meeting notice. Attendees upgrading rooms will be responsible for the upgrade charges. Attendees wishing to use other hotels should request approval from the Executive Assistant. Attendees who drive a long distance and require sleeping accommodations en route, will be reimbursed for reasonable motel charges.



Reimbursement for travel or sleeping room expenses for staff or consultants must be approved in advance by the Chief Executive Officer.

Spouse Expenses

Meals, lodging, travel and/or any other expenses for a spouse or other guests accompanying or visiting BETA Council members will not be reimbursed except by special arrangement approved in advance by the Chief Executive Officer. If a spouse, other family member(s) and/or guest of a BETA Council member attends a BETARMA meal, reception or special event, the BETA Council member will be required to reimburse BETARMA for the allocated cost.


Meals will be paid for meeting attendees en route and at the meeting site. Some meals will be provided during the meetings and attendees are encouraged to attend the planned meals. (BETARMA) will not reimburse attendees for meal charges incurred elsewhere when a planned meal is offered. Authorized attendees will be reimbursed up to $75 per day for meals; receipts should be provided for any meal over $25. A receipt for a meal attended by several attendees should include the names of the diners.


 Audio-Visual Aids

Requests for audio-visual aids other than microphones, pointers, slide or film projectors and screens must be approved in advance by the Executive Assistant.

NOTE: This reimbursement policy only applies to BETA Council Meeting attendees. Risk Management meeting attendees should refer to the current symposium reimbursement policy.

An expense sheet will be given to each BETA Council member at each meeting or placed in the meeting’s agenda packet. The completed sheets with attached documentation should be returned to the Chief Financial Officer for review and approval. The Chief Financial Officer and Accounting staff will issue checks and mail them to Council members. For your convenience, to have your reimbursement direct deposited into your account, please complete the included direct deposit form and fax to 925-838-6099.

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