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BETA Healthcare Group's (BETA) mission is to provide comprehensive resources and products to our members and insureds to support safe and reliable healthcare. We are pleased to now offer a Risk Management and Patient Safety Mentorship Program for all our members and insureds.

The purpose of this program is to provide the new risk manager a foundation-level education on the principles and practices of enterprise healthcare risk management. It includes consultation and guidance from the BETA Risk and Patient Safety Director, or Manager assigned to your organization to provide individual mentorship on risk and patient safety matters, assigned Claims Representative(s) to manage potential and actual liability claims, and the support of an assigned Underwriter to address any insurance coverage concerns.

Risk Management and Patient Safety Mentorship Guide

This Mentorship Guide provides novice risk managers with a framework for embarking on their journey in risk management through information, resources, and references that not only provide an understanding of enterprise risk management but help to develop competency in applying the risk management process to identify and assess risks, evaluate techniques to implement to prevent or mitigate risks and establish or enhance the effectiveness of the risk management role in their organization.

The program is designed to enhance a risk manager’s knowledge and skills in multiple aspects of the scope and responsibility of their role and provide a resource and reference as they embark on their journey in healthcare risk management and develop a visible and respected risk management function within their organization.

Key topics areas include:

  • Risk Management Process and Techniques
  • Risk Operations (including Event Investigation, Data Analysis and Reporting)
  • Underwriting and Insurance Coverage
  • Claims
  • Informed Consent
  • Patient Grievance Management
  • Medical Record Documentation

Additional topics pertinent to risk management in a healthcare organization are also detailed in this Mentorship Guide.

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BETA members and insureds can learn more about the Risk Management and Patient Safety Mentorship Program by contacting BETA at riskmgmt@betahg.com or by reaching out to your organization’s assigned Risk Management and Patient Safety professional.