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Provider Insights: Liability and Risk Mitigation newsletter is BETA Healthcare Group’s quarterly publication dedicated to helping practicing clinicians manage risk. With each issue, we endeavor to dive deep on a single topic to deliver information, analysis, and resources that our members can use immediately in their organizations.

Current Topics:

  • Spring 2024 - Managing Sexual Misconduct Risks
  • Winter 2024Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare
  • Fall 2023 - Telehealth: Updates and Risk Management Considerations
  • Summer 2023- Recognizing and Mitigating Diagnostic Radiology Patient Safety Risks
  • Spring 2023The Effects of Cognitive Bias on Decision-Making in Healthcare
  • Winter 2021COVID-19 in Children
  • Spring 202121st Century Cures Act: What You Need to Know to Comply and Understand the Implications for Your Practice
  • Winter 2020 - New Legislation Expands Scope of Practice for Advanced Practice Providers
  • Summer 2020Issue Briefing: COVID-19 Screening and Testing of Employees
  • Spring 2020 - Reporting Sexual Abuse and Misconduct
  • Spring 2020 - Issue Briefing: COVID-19 Crisis Standards of Care
  • Winter 2019Polypharmacy & The Opioid Crisis: Risk Mitigation Strategies to Assist Healthcare Practitioners
  • Summer/Fall 2019Social Media Use: Benefits & Risk Management Strategies for Healthcare Providers
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