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BETA Healthcare Group (BETA) is focused on improving patient safety, reliability and reducing risk exposure in obstetrics. BETA provides our members and insureds the opportunity for significant reduction in premiums each policy year. We’ve structured our Quest for Zero obstetrical safety program to offer a two tiered approach focused on risk reduction. This award applies to all members and insureds that provide perinatal services.

BETA has various process improvement strategies for you to explore. The menu options allow members to set priorities based on risk trends specific to their own organization. Members must demonstrate 100% compliance on both elements in Tier 1 in order to qualify for any credits in Tier 2 as Tier 1 elements serve as the foundation for success in Tier 2.


BETA Healthcare Group (BETA) members must “opt in” to the Quest for Zero initiative each year.* BETA team members will partner with your facility and provide valuable guidance and mentoring to help you achieve success.

Download the Opt-In and Guideline Documents


BETA risk managers are available to provide guidance and/or further information to your staff. Email Lisa Matheny, Director, Risk Management & Patient Safety at or call her at (818) 507-9648.

* Members must notify BETA each year to opt in to Quest for Zero. Evaluations must be requested and concluded by 60 days prior to policy renewal in order to qualify for the credit for the annual policy renewal period.

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