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Presented By: Deanna Tarnow RN,B.A., CPHRM
December 2014

Patient empowerment is designing and delivering healthcare in a way that puts the patient at the heart of healthcare services; it is inclusive and enables patients to take control of their healthcare needs. Although we all agree that care is safer when the patient is an active participant and partner in their care, many organizations continue to struggle to identify methods of truly engaging patients and family members in their care. What does it mean to empower patients through engagement? This webinar explores methods of engaging patients in their care with an emphasis on the implementation of Always Events. Attendees learn what an Always Event is, and how development and implementation of Always Events in Perinatal Services promotes safe, reliable care.


  • Define what is meant by Patient Engagement and Patient Empowerment
  • List three methods of engaging patients in their care
  • Discuss what an Always Event is and how implementation of Always Events promotes safe care and improved patient experience


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Your entire healthcare team will benefit from this session so please be sure to tune in.


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