Placental Pathology: An Important Defense Strategy

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Presented By: Harvey Kliman, M.D., Ph.D
June 2011

“Just as the rings of a cut tree can tell the story of the tree’s life, so too the placenta can disclose the history of the pregnancy. In cases of poor pregnancy outcome, microscopic examination of the placenta often reveals the stresses that caused the fetal damage observed in an affected newborn.” Kliman, 2007. Please watch this informative session to learn about the important information that may be gleaned by conducting a thorough pathological exam taught by a world renowned placental expert.


  • Discuss the development and basic structure of the placenta
  • Discuss, through clinical examples, how the placenta can reveal the cause of many cases of poor pregnancy outcomes
  • Describe the consequences of decreased placental volume, chorioangiomas, cord entanglement, and genetic defects on the placenta and fetus


Your entire healthcare team will benefit from this session so please be sure to tune in.


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