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Presented By: Tracy Granzyk, M.S., MFA
May 2017

Stories and narratives that share the experiences of patients and caregivers involved in preventable medical harm have become more and more accepted as a way to connect the head and the heart of healthcare professionals. One pathway often accessed by these stories is our natural tendency toward empathy for others. But have you ever wondered why or how this phenomenon translates to actual change in a healthcare culture? This webinar addresses how stories influence behavior change and offers ideas on how to operationalize stories within your own healthcare organization to inspire a true culture of safety.


  • Understand the mechanisms through which stories change us
  • Identify stories within your organization, or a client’s, that has the potential to inspire a culture of safety
  • Describe which type of story driven programs could work for a BETA customer


Your entire healthcare team will benefit from this session so please be sure to tune in.


For HEART inquiries, please contact Deanna at Tarnow or deanna.tarnow@betahg.com.

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