BETA Healthcare Group and Emmi Solutions Partner to Deliver Results at John Muir Medical Center

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BETA Healthcare Group and Emmi Solutions have partnered with four BETA member hospitals to pilot a program using interactive multimedia technology that empowers patients to take a more active and informed role in their healthcare. Members participating in the pilot include both the Walnut Creek and Concord campuses of John Muir Medical Center, both Mountain View and Los Gatos campuses of El Camino Hospital, Torrance Memorial Medical Center and Ventura County Medical Center. One of the members, John Muir Medical Center, has used the programs extensively and data produced as a result are showing very positive outcomes.

The programs guide patients through preparing for upcoming surgical procedures, and reviewing best ways to take care of themselves with chronic diseases. Patients can view the education programs online, at home, at their own pace and as often as they would like. Emmi Solutions programs “talk” to patients to help translate excellent care into optimal outcomes, strengthening physicians’ ability to demonstrate success to consumers, payers, and quality monitors and regulators. Engaged patients are happier, healthier and more satisfied.

Emmi programs establish a baseline of understanding, answering patient questions and addressing common fears. The programs engage patients across the care continuum and deliver a measurable ROI by mitigating risk, improving patient satisfaction, increasing clinical quality and safety, enhancing operational efficiencies and improving physician relations.

John Muir Medical Center conducted a survey of patients to determine the effectiveness of the new program. The results showed a dramatic impact on patient engagement and education.

“This program is wonderful to have before going to the hospital. It was easy to understand and helped ease my mind. Thank you,” wrote a John Muir patient.

Vast majorities of patients who participated felt that Emmi Solutions increased their sense of preparedness and comfort level regarding a variety of healthcare situations including hospital and doctor’s visits, surgeries, recovery and managing health conditions.

  • 90% stated Emmi answered questions they would have called their doctor to discuss
  • 88% felt Emmi prepared them for their hospital visit
  • 81% said Emmi prepared them for surgery
  • 80% felt Emmi covered risks they didn’t know about previously
  • And 53% felt Emmi changed the way they prepared for the procedure

The strong patient feedback underscores the value of Emmi. The test study at John Muir Medical Center is proving Emmi helps streamline patient care by answering patient questions and addressing common fears. “I found it to be very helpful. I heard information when I used Emmi that I did not find on any other website. It has been the most helpful to me and in making my decision on which surgery to have,” noted a patient.

BETA members can use their Risk Management Resources Funds to offset the costs of Emmi Solutions. Interested facilities should contact the BETA risk management department at (925) 838-6070 or

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