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2019 Workshop Three

Day One

General Session

Las Vegas Route 91 Mass Casualty Incident
Dorita Sondereker, RN

Thriving vs. Surviving During Times of Change
Bryan Sexton, Ph.D.

Day Two

Combined Clinical

Quest for Zero & Relias Updates
Al Duke, M.B.A., B.S.N., RN, CPHRM, CEN, CPPS & Lisa Matheny, B.S.N., RN, SPHRM, C-EFM


Times Up: Times Up: Honesty is not Optional!
Sue Sheridan & Martin Hatlie

HEART Case Introduction and Logistics
Tim McDonald & Tanvir Hussain

Employee Safety

How to Keep Your Workplace Safe: The Importance of Conduction Hazard Analyses

Understanding Why We Fall; Where We Fall; What We Can do to Prevent Fall Injuries
Thom Disch, M.B.A.

The Significance of ConductingThorough Accident Investigations

Case Study
Thom Disch, M.B.A. & Mary Matz, MSPH, CPE, CSPHP

Employee Safety Wellness Initiative Introduction
Kathryn Andrews, MPA

Closing Session

Mid-Course Correction
John Nance, J.D.

2019 Workshop Two

Communication & Transparency/Care for the Caregiver

May 22-23, 2019

Day One Agenda
Day Two Agenda
Travel Expense Report Form

Day One

Communication: Why We Do This and Why It Matters
Tim McDonald, M.D, J.D.
Bruce L. Lambert, Ph.D.

Experiential Learning: Communication
Tim McDonald, M.D., J.D.
Bruce L. Lambert, Ph.D.

Understanding the Effects of Emotional Trauma
Laurel Grisbach, B.S.N., RN, CPHRM, FASHRM

Designing And Operationalizing a Peer Support Program: Introduction to the Toolkit
Jean-Marie Kane, AAS

Essentials of Empathetic Communications for Peers
Tim McDonald, M.D., J.D.

Day Two

Let Me See Your Body Talk: The Importance of Nonverbal Communication After Harm
Dennis J. Boyle, M.D.

Communication Toolkit and Train the Trainer Program Overview
Paul D'Aquila, J.D., RN, CPHRM

Experiential Learning: Communication
Tim McDonald, M.D., J.D.

Caring for Those Who Care for Others
Kit Sluys, PsyD


2019 Workshop One

Culture of Safety/Rapid Event Response & Analysis

February 7-8, 2019

Day One Agenda
Day Two Agenda
Travel Expense Report Form and Policy for Members and Insureds

Day One

The Power of Culture Measurement
Alan Frankel MD

Just Culture and Event Investigation
David Marx, JD

Event Response and Analysis Overview
Timothy McDonald, M.D., J.D.

Recognizing HEART Events and Activating a Rapid Response
Jonathan Stewart
Al Duke

Initial Management of Adverse Effects 
Scott R. Lucas, PhD, PE
Gail M. Horvath MSN, RN, CNOR,CRCST

Day One Handouts
Initial Response Checklist
Case Study Worksheet
CDM Probes
Sample Letter Manufacturer Inspection of Incident Related Device
Accidents Happen Handout

Day Two

Welcome HEART Overview
Deanna Tarnow

Overview Culture of Safety Mapping and Debriefing
Lisa Matheny, B.S.N., RN, CPHRM, C-EFM

Improving Event Investigation
Scott Lucas, PhD, PE
Gail Horvath, M.S.N., RN, CNOR, CRCST

Are Humans the Problem
Ellen S Deutsch, MD, MS, FACS, FAAP

Day Two Handouts
HEART Culture Timeline
Improving Event Investigation Case Study Worksheet

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