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It’s time to opt in to BETA’s risk initiatives and programs for the 2023-2024 Contract Year.

Whether new to participation in BETA HEART®, a Quest for Zero initiative (ED or OB) or the Employee Safety and Wellness Initiative (EWSI) or continuing your BETA journey, you’ll find Opt-In Agreements for each of our incentive-based programs below.

Member participation in our programs can not only help your organization improve clinical outcomes and enhance employee safety, but also confer premium credits at policy renewal upon successful completion of identified program elements.

Opt-In Today

BETA HEART® | Professional Liability Members

The Opt-In deadline for BETA HEART is October 31, 2023.

Quest for Zero: ED | Professional Liability Members

Quest for Zero: OB | Professional Liability Members

Employee Safety and Wellness Initiative | Workers’ Compensation Members

Just Culture Program | Professional Liability or Workers’ Compensation

BETA’s initiatives and programs not only offer prescribed safe practice tools and resources but the services are structured by our team of experts to produce successful results. To learn more or if you have questions about participating or opting in, contact the Risk Management team at

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