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BETA Healthcare Group is pleased to announce the online availability of our new ED Toolkit titled "Organization-Wide Management of Emergency Department Patient Surge Capacity." It addresses the day to day patient surges in the emergency department that can rapidly overwhelm ED resources resulting in delays in triage, evaluation, and treatment for those patients with potentially life-threatening conditions such as stroke, myocardial infarction, and sepsis.
The problem is exacerbated when inpatient beds are either full or understaffed, forcing the ED to board admitted patients, thus further slowing the flow of patients through the ED and putting them at risk for harm or even death. Previously considered an ED throughput issue, studies show that when an organization-wide approach is taken and includes an early warning system to alert when the ED is approaching its saturation point, patients are safer.
Click here to access or download this ED Toolkit.

Highlights of the Toolkit:
• Tools and techniques for creating an organization-wide surge capacity management plan
• Importance of using evidence-based early warning systems such as NEDOCS/CEDOCS
• Training registry and float staff to boost comfort and confidence while working in the ED
• The importance of caring for caregivers after patient surges

The Organization-Wide Management of Emergency Department Surge Capacity Toolkit is the result of work by members of BETA's Emergency Medicine Council (EMC) and it identifies best practice models that can be used as a guide and resource to review your own facility's current policies and procedures.
BETA Healthcare Group also offers members complimentary 1:1 consultations and ED Risk Assessments to help hospitals improve patient and employee safety and realize potential savings in their liability costs.
Emergency Medicine Council (EMC)
The BETA Emergency Medicine Council (EMC) addresses challenges encountered in emergency departments for which there is no clear or definitive guidance provided by local and national patient safety organizations or professional colleges and associations.

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