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As CEO of Lompoc Valley Medical Center (LVMC), a 202-bed multifaceted organization consisting of an acute care hospital, skilled nursing facility, and chemical dependency facility located on California’s Central Coast, Jim Raggio possesses abundant firsthand knowledge of what it means to meet the primary objective of any healthcare facility: the delivery of exceptional patient care. Raggio understands that the achievement of this goal necessitates direct, team-oriented leadership and derives from sound science involving measurable risk reduction goals and outcomes. As the new Chair of BETA Healthcare Group (BETA), Raggio brings years of dedication to the delivery of excellent healthcare and an understanding that teamwork and science are its foundation.

Under Raggio’s leadership at LVMC, doctors, nurses and staff have worked together to create a patient-centric culture that is served by science and verifiable outcomes. “Successful risk management initiatives start with good science, not hyped-up marketing slogans,” notes Raggio. “Identifying patterns from the data, analyzing the whys behind the issues, and then mapping out processes to address the safety gaps is at the core of every successful risk management program. With a clear focus and team approach, tremendous outcomes can be achieved.”

Citing a successful BETA risk management program that makes effective use of science, teamwork and key safety milestones, Raggio points out that clarity, direction and common purpose often lead to the discovery of ways to reach—and exceed—established milestones. After BETA introduced its OB risk management initiative Quest for Zero: Excellence in OB, Raggio met with the team to discuss the benefits and implementation strategies. “A few team members took the lead and became passionate champions of the effort,” says Raggio, “but from the start everyone saw the value in it.” At the heart of this initiative, like all BETA risk management programs, is sound science, which was embraced by Raggio’s team.

“Over the past few years, BETA has done a remarkable job of shifting its role from insurance provider to business partner,” says Raggio. “Members, large and small, are benefiting from this partnership approach.” He knows that with proper leadership and education, BETA members and insureds will recognize the direct positive impact of risk management programs on quality of care, and understand that the programs are not merely mandates requiring extra work. Experience shows that science-based risk management initiatives involving teamwork and the measurement of key milestones will be met with enthusiasm and their value recognized. “There’s no question,” says Raggio, “the BETA initiatives fit squarely with our mandate and mission to deliver exceptional care.”

Raggio’s focus as Chair of BETA will be on strong governance, clear direction and consistent monitoring of outcomes—the same principles that have served LVMC so well in an ever-changing healthcare environment, but one that has at its center, as always, exemplary patient care. This clarity of vision will prove invaluable to all BETA members and insureds.

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