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A 27-year BETA Healthcare Group (BETA) veteran, Susan Bingham relishes the fact that insurance and solution are not at odds and that “no” is not her team’s default response. “We’re problem solvers, and that’s one thing I truly enjoy about my job. Unlike most insurance companies, the BETA team works with its members and insureds to find ways to meet their coverage needs.”

While her experience in insurance drew Susan to BETA, it was her knowledge that the organization does what’s right that has kept her loyal year in and year out. “In business, politics and medicine—in so many areas of life—the bright line of ethical decisions, of what is right and what is wrong, has disappeared. But not at BETA. The fact that ethics drives our business is a market advantage that I know we’ll never jeopardize.”

The constant change pervading the industry was also a draw for Susan, who worked in the insurance field for seven years prior to joining BETA. Since launching her career, a host of new policy issues have arisen, some prompted by leading edge medical procedures, others by a changing regulatory environment. Increasingly, as hospitals explore the delivery of new patient services—and possible new sources of revenue—Susan and BETA’s Underwriting team need to assess how those expanded offerings impact underwriting and coverage.

A core part of Susan’s job is working with both current and new members on pricing coverage, issuing coverage contracts, endorsements, certificates, and more. It’s up to Susan and her team to analyze and resolve coverage issues, and ensure that policies accurately reflect stated areas of coverage. When policy-related questions arise, Susan is the go-to contact for obtaining more information and insight.

As a way to stay ahead of key issues, Susan earned a Registered Professional Liability Underwriter (RPLU) designation in 2009 after completing a rigorous, multi-year course of study—further testament to her professional dedication. “I’m a life-long learner. Exploring new issues relating to medical malpractice helps make me a better advocate for our members and insureds.”

A champion of the underdog (literally, in this case), Susan hopes to start a shelter for dogs and cats one day. “There would have to be onsite healthcare—I want to make sure comfort, health and safety are never compromised.” Lucky for BETA, for now Susan enjoys playing with her two cats and watching the ducks on weekend walks near her home.

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