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BETA Healthcare Group (BETA) is pleased to announce our partnership with the California Hospital Patient Safety Organization (CHPSO), one of the first and largest federally qualified Patient Safety Organization (PSO) in the nation. A trusted leader in the analysis, dissemination and archiving of patient safety information, CHPSO offers unmatched access to the emerging best practices of hundreds of hospitals. CHPSO has developed a regional model for PSO membership that brings together healthcare professionals from neighboring facilities to engage in frank, open and legally protected discussions about patient safety and quality issues, based on the premise that the most powerful method for change comes through sharing experiences. Access to an on-line resource center, evidence based recommendations and educational offerings are benefits of membership in CHPSO. Members that participate in this PSO will have access to Safe Table Forums with other BETA hospitals to discuss patient safety events and collaborate on initiatives to reduce harm. Complimentary membership is available to California Hospital Association and regional hospital association members.

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